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“Twitch Plays Pokémon,” more than a million Twitch viewers classic Nintendo Game Boy game

The idea is reminiscent of 2014’s “Twitch Plays Pokémon,” where more than a million Twitch viewers all shared control of the classic Nintendo Game Boy game.

But this ain’t no game: Mike Roberts, the Seattle-based Amazon engineer behind StockStream, is letting players vote on how to invest $50,000 of his actual savings on the real-life stock market.
Today saw the debut of “StockStream,” a new social experiment in playing the stock market airing on Twitch, Amazon’s live video game streaming service.
After five minutes, the relevant stocks get added to or subtracted from Roberts’ portfolio, with the trade executing via the popular Robinhood app.
StockStream viewers can make donations to Roberts, but as of day one, that hasn’t happened very much, nor does he expect it to.

Twitch is now playing the stock market with one man’s $50,000

 the stock market

as informed in Stock Stream, an interactive Twitch stream taking place right now, is an experiment in collaboration, business and, naturally, chaos.
Developed by a software engineer and inspired by a similar experiment where Twitch users installed Arch Linux onto a computer, Stock Stream allows Twitch users to vote on buy or sell commands.
To join in on the selling and buying frenzy that comes with the stock market world — but safely from your own bedroom — check out Mike’s Twitch stream.
People type commands into the Twitch chat that correlate to the different stock they want to buy or sell.
“I just read peoples buy/sell commands from the chat window, do a simple counting of each vote, take the top vote and place that trade.

as informed in
stock market

StockStream gives Twitch users a chance to move actual money around every day on the New York Stock Exchange.
For those wishing to participate, all of the instructions are included on StockStream’s Twitch page.
SEE ALSO: ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ is coming to Twitch for an epic marathon”This is all just my money,” StockStream’s owner, a software developer named Mike, told PC Gamer.
Further, the game will end if the account value falls below $25,000; per StockStream’s website, that’s due entirely to FINRA/SEC regulations.
And now, Twitch is playing… the stock market.

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