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Brazilian stock market recorded the biggest drop since 2008 financial crisis

Much is usually made, rightfully so, about investors who during a stock market decline choose to sell stocks rather than ride out the decline. However, failing to rebalance your portfolio as the stock market advances — in other words, sell stocks — can be equally as concerning, even if it …

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Eve turned over £12 million last year as the British mattress market

The bond market is forecasting economic doom Many market pundits consider bond investors the “smart money” relative to stock investors. Plenty of myths regularly circulate in the stock market, and many of them threaten to separate you from your money. We know bond investors have moved into bonds because the …

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BP shares rose 1.7 per cent after the oil major’s profit

Strong earnings have helped push shares higher across the globe this year. Investors were looking ahead to earnings from Apple , whose shares – along with those of other major tech companies – hit record highs on Monday. BP shares rose 1.7 per cent after the oil major’s first-quarter profit …

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Nasdaq decreased 7 points to begin the last trading day of the week

If the market breaks above that, then it will signal that a new leg higher is under way,” Paul Robinson, a market analyst at DailyFX, told MarketWatch. As Robinson reckons, unless the market decisively shifts lower, investors should prepare themselves for the new rally. At the same time, it also …

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“Investing” declare : Euro firm as markets price in ECB deposit rate hike By

collected by :Tod Hinery according to Euro firm as markets price in ECB deposit rate hikeForex Mar 17, 2017 06:43AM – The firm as euro-zone money markets price in possible hike in the ECB’s deposit rate. Euro firm as markets price in ECB deposit rate hikeRelated Articles The ECB’s …

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Is the stock market overpriced?

collected by :Dicson Walt follow the latest news about stock market from different sites most famous technicals /William Droms by 2017-01-05 at 16:27 according to Is the stock market overpriced? */ – William G. Droms is the co-founder and co-chairman of Droms Strauss Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor that …

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