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Finding your student loan balance by 3 steps

You should know how to find your student loan balance because It is easy, particularly when you’re studying at college, to lose track of all your student loans and your full balance.

Student Loan Balance


In previous, we talked about how to make your money work for you, today we’re going to talk about a somewhat similar subject to students

Most students receive loans per semester in small numbers, which may be a combination of federal loans for students like Perkins, Stafford and Plus as well as private loans for teachers.

Whilst you can help find some basic data and statistics in your school financial aid bureau, other efficient ways to find the full student loan balance are available.

Finding the balance of your federal loan

You can always use your My Federal Student Aid account to access student loan details.
The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is another way to find your federal student loan balance.
It’s America Department of Education’s main financial aid portal, which records all student loans from the federal government.
NSLDS stores information in order to check it quickly when necessary, and it’s going to tell you which loans are subsidized or not.

You will need a username and password for both websites for Federal Student Aid Identification.

If you don’t already have them, you can easily create them via their website.

Why NSLDS knows the balance of your loans?

NSLDS collects data from a range of sources including:

guarantor agencies, loan service providers and other government loan agencies for this database.

The school also sends the details to NSLDA, including:

student debts you have taken on when you enrol at a college or university.

This notes when the loan was paid when the period of grace expired and even when you paid it off.

The NSLDS is useful because it simultaneously offers a complete image of your federal loans,

So you know how much federal debt you’ve got immediately.

It does not provide any detail on your private student loans, however.

Finding the balance of your private loan

It may be a little harder to find details on your private student loans than getting your balance.

because private borrowers often sell their loans to other companies.

If you’re not sure who the private student loans your lender is,

Contact the financial aid office of your school then for support, or, if you need it, contact your initial lender.

If any of these solutions does not work for you, instead, by checking your credit report,

you can still find out your private student creditors.

All three reporting agencies, for example:

Equifax, Transunion and Experian – can provide you with a free annual credit report at AnnualCreditReport web site with certainty.

All your existing debts and liabilities including all student loans should be shown in the study.

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