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Seeking Alpha said : The Stock Market Is The Stock Market, You Can’t Tame It

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Action of the day: Understand the following statementThere is one thing you need to get from this investing lesson: the stock market is the stock market, period.
I will publish a stock market graph, and you will try to guess which way the market will go.
The market is the market, period.
Many stock market gurus are selling their “secret methodology” to predict the future.
Understanding how the stock market works… really?

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Fed Hikes And Stock Market Returns

Fed Hikes And Stock Market Returns*/

The Fed Funds Effective Rate is now at its highest level since 2008, and will push higher again if the Fed meets market expectations.
Market participants are expecting the third Fed rate hike since December 2015 at next week’s FOMC meeting.
It’s just that one cannot make such a prediction based on the Fed Funds rate alone.
To qualify for the top decile over a one-year period, the effective Fed Funds Rate would have to rise by at least 2.2%.
Which begs the question: Is a sharp move higher in the Fed Funds rate a reliable warning sign of an imminent collapse?

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What Happened in the Stock Market Today -- The Motley Fool*/

Nimble Storage takes a buyoutShares of flash data specialist Nimble Storage soared 46% after the company agreed to a buyout.
As for individual stocks, Nimble Storage (NYSE:NMBL) and Thor Industries (NYSE:THO) were some of the biggest movers.
Nimble Storage’s cloud platform has helped it gain significant market share, with sales rising 25% over the past year.
With this purchase, HP Enterprise gains deeper access to a $15 billion market for flash storage that’s projected to pass $20 billion by 2020.
Thor Industries’ profit was also surprisingly strong, at $1.23 per share compared to the $1.22 that Wall Street was looking for.

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