Radius bank reviews – Top 3 account types

About Radius bank reviews will find here such as their advantages, disadvantages and top account types like hybrid checking, Rewards checking and High-Yield savings.

Because Radius bank is one of the best online banks, so it’s very important to talk about this bank.

Radius bank reviews

Radius Bank is a Boston-based predominantly online bank.
Established in 1987, the bank holds over $1 billion in assets.

Radius bank reviews: Advantages

In short, if you like, this bank is a good choice:

1- When you want to use ATMs worldwide for free.
2- a low-cost online banking
3- Gain a good savings interest rate

Radius bank reviews: Dis-advantages

1- There are no fees for ATM.

2- Competitive interest rates for the industry.

3- Get the flagship hybrid control account up to 1.2 per cent APY.

Radius bank reviews: Dis-Advantages

1- Money can not be deposited.

2- a deposit of $100,000 needed to get the best rate.

3- The selection of several accounts can be deceptive.

Accounts Types

1- Hybrid Checking

This free hybrid checking and savings account are Radius Bank’s most exciting and could be both a checking account and a savings account.

No monthly service fees are added to the account.

This charges a rate equal to many of the world’s highest savings accounts and there are no restrictions for free ATMs around the world.

Several key features:

– Get 1% on balance between $2,500 and $99,999.99
– Pay 1.2% on $100,000+ balances.
– No ATM charges and unlimited returns on other banks ‘ charges.
– Minimum $100 to open, but then no minimum balance.

You get your first chequebook for free once you sign.

When you’re in free banking, it’s one of the best accounts around this site.

And you are able to make a ratio of one per cent or more, so this could be the only bank account which you want.

2- Rewards Checking

Radius Bank’s rewards checking account does not deliver the large interest rate obtained from hybrid checking.

It has its own unique advantage, however, that you can pay every time you use your debit card.

This account offers 1% of cash back for online purchases using the card or Press the button credit not a PIN debit in stores at checkout.

Specific points to note:

– No monthly charges.
– Worldwide free ATM returns.
– Minimum $100 to open but thereafter no minimum balance.

If your checking account is usually less than $2,500, this is better than Hybrid Checking for your needs.

But if you maintain a high balance, your potential interest is more important for your needs than the average monthly expenditure.

3- High-Yield Savings

You can definitely use your Hybrid Checking account to save money, a high-yield account is also available for Radius Bank.

Today, this savings account is among the highest interest rates.

Specific points to note:

– Win APY 1.5% on balance between $2,500 and $24,999.99
– Minimum $100 to open, but then no minimum balance
– No charges per month.
– Pay 1.96% of APY on $25,000 or more balance

This account is subject to up to six withdrawals every month, like all savings accounts.

When you have the money to spend on an emergency fund, save on home loans or a similar goal, it’s best to store this balance.

Source: Market Wired

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