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President Macron marches concurrent warn against parliamentary monopoly

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Analyst Gael Sliman of Odoxa pollsters pinned the high abstention rate on voter fatigue after the presidential election.
The result confirmed the yearning for political renewal laid bare by Macron’s election.
The Socialists and their allies secured just 9.51 percent while France Unbowed and its on-off communist allies got 13.74 percent.
After being routed in the first round of the presidential election, the Republicans and the Socialists, who have alternated in power for six decades, suffered further humiliation.
There was also an element of those “who may not agree with Macron but do not want to block his path,” he told AFP.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, congratulated Macron on his party’s victory.
Newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron on the other hand is celebrating a stunning victory for his En Marche party, which is on course to win a huge majority and, with it, a mandate to enact his sweeping reforms.
The low turnout was used as an excuse by Le Pen for her party’s poor showing.
The one negative for Macron will be the historically low voter turnout, with just 49 percent of registered voters electing to cast their ballot.
“My heartfelt congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on the great success of his party in the first ballot,” Merkel was quoted as saying by government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Twitter.
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President  marches to parliamentary majority in France

Le Pen herself seems on track to win a seat in the northern city of Henin-Beaumont during the second round.
And with a parliamentary majority behind him, Macron has the necessary tools to meticulously and forcefully push his agenda forward.
And he went on to trounce Marine Le Pen in the second round with 66 percent of the vote.
After his presidential victory, the public question became: Could Macron actually govern, given that he did not have an established political party behind him?
Yet, Macron came in first in the first round of the presidential election, followed by the extreme right Marine Le Pen and then the establishment candidates.
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