Paypal for credit card payments – 4 Choices for you

These are simple methods of Paypal for credit card payments such as an online, mobile app, phone and mail we will explain these in this article.

Paypal for credit card payments

PayPal provides two credit card kinds which in anywhere Mastercard and also accepted can be used to pay for purchases.

It also has a Paypal credit/debit card option.

The cards are different from the credit line for PayPal which allows you to prolong your PayPal purchases payment.

Currently, a 2 per cent cashback is offered in all PayPal Cash Back Mastercard and three points on purchases of gas and restaurant, two points for PayPal and eBay and one on the others, is offered by the PayPal Extras Mastercard.

You will add interest charges to any unpaid balance if you do not pay the full credit card balance of PayPal.

Let’s know the choices which give you to Paying your credit card with PayPal.

Paypal for credit card payments: Pay your bill

In short, Like conventional credit cards, you will receive your PayPal.

Mastercard monthly statements, that once you connect your loan card to your PayPal account, you can see the PayPal page.

You can use your PayPal balance to settle your bill or in one of four respects, your bank account also, these respects are:

1- Online

Pay with PayPal online with using a credit card, these how-to be?

Here’s the answer:

Once the PayPal account synchronizes your credit card,

Online payment could be the fastest and simplest way, by as following:

A- Log in to your account with PayPal.

B- Click on “Make a Payment” on the left of the top of the Paypal Credit section.

C- Select your payment quantity, technique and date.

You can choose in this section whether you want to make a payment with your PayPal balance or bank account.

D- Click on continue.

E-  Check the information of your payment.

F- Choose the Pay button.

You can also set up automatic payments PayPal. if you wish under the section Make a Payment.

The minimum sum owed each month or the complete balance can be automatically paid.

Payments are to come from your PayPal wallet’s confirmed bank account.

2- Mobile app

You can fund your account with the PayPal mobile app by taking a few easy steps:

A- Tap the PayPal app “Manage PayPal Credit”.

B- Click Make a Payment.

C- Please select your payment quantity.

D- Choose a source of payment for your deposit.

E- Select your date of payment.

F- Choose the “Pay” button.

3- Phone

In short, PayPal payment is always possible via the phone.

In order to pay by telephone, call your card’s toll-free number.

Please use your credit card number PayPal and the data for your bank account.

You are going to deposit your bill on an automatic scheme.

Follow the instructions for paying by your phone.

4- Mail

Even though PayPal is at the leading e-commerce business,

you can also pay your bill by post.

Send Mail to their address with a check or a money order.

Fees for these alternatives are not available if you have difficulty paying,

PayPal Customer Service is always available to you.

Source: Access my library

Late Fees for PayPal Credit Card

Finally, It is important to receive your credit payment from PayPal in good time.

PayPal will charge a late fee of as little as $27 for the first offence,

if you do not pay at least the minimum payment due.

You are liable to a charge up to $38 if you miss any further payments during the next six accounting cycles.

Source: Consumer affairs

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