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MarketWatch : Here’s why you should never try to time the stock market

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Technical patterns and price actionWatching technical patterns, particularly when they form trends, is another favorite of financial gurus to try to predict major selloffs.
Historically, peak valuations have coincided with market tops, but their predictive power is near zero.
The dynamic nature of markets and increased competition from computer-generated trading using advanced algorithms are making it harder to profit from market trends.
Most technical indicators are based on price action patterns, or trends, that require humans to recognize them.
Photos: AP/Getty“Even though some gurus have accurately pinpointed market tops, their long-term performance has not been all that great, because there are only a few of these calls you can make over your professional career,” said Gurevich.

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Saudi Arabian king has power over the U.S. stock market rally

Saudi Arabian king has power over the U.S. stock market rally*/

Saudi Press Agency King Salman of Saudi ArabiaPresident Trump deserves credit for the stock market rally, as he has unleased “animal spirits.”No wonder it’s being called the Trump rally.
The result is lower oil prices on the open market and downward pressure on stock prices.
How does King Salman hold so much power over the stock market in the good old USA?
There is, at times, a strong correlation between oil prices and stock prices.
To stay in power, King Salman provides lavish benefits to some of his people.

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How major US stock market indexes fared on Tuesday

How major US stock market indexes fared on Tuesday*/

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