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Libra vs Bitcoin: Let’s find out the differences

We will talk about Libra vs Bitcoin then you will be able to see all the differences between them simply, just read this article to make that.

Facebook’s digital asset with the release of the social media giant, to people who know little about Bitcoin, misunderstanding may occur.

Let’s immerse ourselves in what the latest Libra coin of Facebook is, and how it is different from Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency.

Libra vs Bitcoin


Bitcoin: is decentralized.

So to know how to buy bitcoin you should know that it’s no single entity controls it.

Libra: facebook and the Libra Association have a large amount of control over the asset and its usage.

Value of Libra vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin: BTC price is not dependent on any single government in the same way seen in fiat currencies.

Libra: Tied to leading national currencies and other stable Financial assets.

Money Supply

Bitcoin: is deflationary, as only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist.

Libra: Controlled by Libra Association, subject to supply and demand.

BlockChain Type

Bitcoin: Blockchain is permissionless, so miners can simply begin mining at their discretion.

Libra: Initially will run on a permissioned blockchain, miners must seek approval before starting to mine.

Much different


Bitcoin is very different from the new asset of Facebook in many ways.

The most significant difference is perhaps the decentralization of Bitcoin.

No single Bitcoin entity controls.

Facebook and the Libra Foundation, by comparison, manage the Libra commodity and its use to a great extent.

The creation of the Libra Association seems to also give significant entities (or chosen entities) the control over what could become a world-leading commodity – the Libra.

Bitcoin does not in the same way control such companies.

Price Problem

Digital assets of Facebook connected to domestic currencies and other assets.

This implies that the price of Libra is dependent on the inflation and impact of the currencies, and on state control as well.

The value of Bitcoin is not like fiat currencies dependent on any government( like the Us Dollar Currency or the Dollar of Australia)


Bitcoin is deflationary as well.

Only 21 million bitcoin will ever exist.

Inflation is therefore prevented.

As mentioned above, however, the Libra Association regulates the supply of the Libra property.

In one way this means that users need to agree on and rely on the Libra Association.

Blockchains of different types

The Libra coin of Facebook will first run on a blockchain allowed, that is to say, that before the miners start mine they must seek approval.

In addition, the blockchain of Bitcoin is illegal, so, at their discretion, miners can simply start mining.

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