The Banking in Industrial and commercial bank of china

Let’s know about Industrial and commercial bank of china,

such as its history or starting and enterprise Banking,

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History of Industrial and commercial bank of china

Industrial and commercial bank of china is one of the biggest banks in the world

In short, On 1 January 1984, the Bank was founded.

October 28, 2005,

The Bank has been completely reorganized into a joint-stock limited company.

October 27, 2006,

Shanghai Stock Exchange and also Hong Kong Limited Stock Exchange have been effectively listed in the bank.

The ongoing effort and also stable growth led to be the Bank one of the world’s biggest listed companies.

In short, For the fourth year running in 2016,

The Bank placed first in the three leading lists of the World Bankers’ Top 1000,

from list of Commercial Banks such as the Fortune Global 500 Sub-list and the Forbes Global 2000.

Enterprise Banking

In short,  At the close of 2016,

corporate clients of the Bank improved to 5,784,000 by 463,000 at the end of the last year.

Also, The Bank recognized by Global Finance for seven years in a row as the ‘ Best Corporate Bank in China ‘.

1. Deposits and loans for businesses.

In short, At the close of 2016, RMB 8 140,684 million achieve in the equilibrium of company lending,

This represents a rise by the past year of RMB 271,132 billion or 3.4 per cent,

Company deposits balance totalled RMB 9,448,520 million,

RMB1,011,506 million boost or 12,0 per cent boost.

2. The business of small and medium-sized companies

In short,  The bank encouraged the tiny and also micro-financial company centre’s unique business model.

Established 8 SMEs, adopted wholesale,

standard and single stop services as well as creating small-scale,

guaranteed credit to micro clients,

credit to tiny and also micro-enterprises for their fixed asset building,

loans to tiny and micro-enterprises for the tax credit,

loans to businesses for secured loans and new products.

The bank has earned excellent competitiveness,

for the SME Bank of China Business Journal,

in the international financial exhibition in China,

the ICBC Small and Micro Enterprise Banking brand received the Excellent Banking Service Award of Year.

3. Corporate Banks

In short,  The Bank actively promoted interbank collaboration,

and innovation and retained its first position in the market for seven successive years in terms of third-party custody fund.

About central finances and public business cards for agency services,

the Bank ranked first in the bank sector.

4. Payment and money administration

In short,  To extend client scales,

create a fresh worldwide cash management service and provide clients,

with extensive financial services covering six key products of accounts,

the Bank relying on the five largest platforms:

Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Link,

ICBC e-Trade, ICBC e Bill Payment, and large fund surveillance.

5. Banking Investment

In short, In important fields,

such as combined funds, government investment funds,

blended ownership reforms and PPP initiatives, industries and also market-oriented funds,

The Bank has been responsible for supporting the capital financing company.

and also has supplied consultancy services for nearly 100 companies.

6. International trade financing and settlement

Export businesses have actively evolved from elements,

such as product innovation, also loan policy, approval step and also green passage.

Source: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Wikipedia)

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