Let’s learn trade basics in forex online buy and sell

Learn trade basics in forex online buy and sell, and more than that in just 4 points, read this article to get this information on our site Peeker-Finance.

Trading is buying and selling.

Trading on the currency market in foreign currency can be an exciting hobby and an excellent revenue source.

So There are several Online Forex Trading platforms and also several ways you can purchase and sell forex online, such as:

First: learn trade basics in forex

Second: Open a Forex brokerage account online.

Third: Start trading in Forex

Let’s learn trade basics in forex online buy and sell

1- Comprehend the fundamental terminology of the forex 

A- The sort of currency that you spend or get rid of is the underlying currency.

B- A long position implies buying the base currency and selling the quote currency.

C- A short position implies is buying quote currency and selling base currency.

D- In short, The request price, or the cost of the offer, is the price at which your broker sells base currency in return for quote currency.

E- The offer price is the price your broker is prepared to purchase base currency in return for quote currency.

F- A spread is a distinction between the cost of the offer and the cost of the request.

G- The exchange rate informs you how much you need to invest to buy base currency in the quote currency.

2- Read a quote from the forex to learn trade basics in forex online buy and sell

In short, on a forex quote, you will see two figures,

the price of the offer on the left and also the cost of the request on the right.

3- Decide which currency to purchase and sell

A- For example, read economic reports that are the GDP of a country or also other economic factors.

such as employment and inflation reports.

B- Look at the trading situation of a country.

C- Think of politics.

D- Also, Make economic projections.

4- How to calculate the profits?

Finally, Learn how to calculate the profits, Read as follows:

A- The value shift between two currencies is measured by a pip.

Usually, one pip is equivalent to a value shift of 0.0001.

If your EUR / USD trade moves from 1,546 to 1,547, for instance,

your currency value has risen by ten points.

B- Also, Multiply the number of pips that the exchange rate has altered for your account.

This calculation will inform you how much the value of your account has risen or reduced.

Source: Foreign exchange market (Wikipedia)

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