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Dollar sign

There have been many suggestions about the dollar symbol’s origin.
One of the most common from Figure 8, represents the Spanish ‘eight piece.’

However, in ancient Spanish-American, an abbreviation for ‘peso.’, it comes from a handwritten ‘PS’ actually .

First appears the $ symbol in the 1770’s,

in English-American manuscripts who had an affair with Spanish-Americans.

after 1800 it begins to appear in print.

The term ‘dollar’ itself comes from the word dealer in Flemish or Low German such as *thaler* or *taler * in German.

Brief to Joachimstaler,

which refers to a coin from Joachimstal’s silver mines in Bohemia but now in the Czech Republic, be Jáchymov.

The word was later applied to a coin used in the colonies of Spain and America.

at the moment of the American War of Independence in the British North American colonies.

Reasons why the dollar sign appears as the letter “S”?

The dollar sign is unmistakably the S with a row through it. but why is S letter?, that’s what we’ll know:

Not in America, but in Europe, the tale behind this familiar monetary symbol starts.

In the sixteenth century,

huge amounts of silver were discovered by Spanish explorers in South America which lands they had conquered just now,

countries which would become Mexico, Peru and Bolivia later.

This countries are rich with silver and the Spanish peso has become the main international trade coin.

As the colonies of the USA developed, Trade has become prevalent between Spanish Americans and English Americans.

By using an abbreviation instead of writing the whole term for “pesos”, merchants recording business transactions wanted to make their lives simpler so they’ve chosen a P with S (ps), which became an overlap between P and S, that became the S with only the P’s stem.

Yup, as you guessed, a line-by-line S is a Dollar Currency.

As we said above the article,

These symbols first emerged around 1770 in record papers,

so this symbol was around, even before call as United States.

The symbol comes from a Spanish coin,

however, It made by Americans.

The settlers from English America were the first to use the symbol.
Because it was already a sign of the dollar for the Spanish dollar, and since the original cost of one US dollar was the same as one peso, ultimately it would become a sign for the US dollar.

Source : Dollar sign (Wikipedia)

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