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Let’s know 15 companies have High Dividend Stocks

Dividend Stocks are one of the safest stock market strategies, So we will talk about it today and also will know 15 companies with high Dividend Stocks.

Dividend Stocks

Firstly, Many businesses make up for their shareholders with money payment distributed from the retained earnings of the company.

These payments are known as dividends.

For example, a company with a payout ratio of 62% means that 62% of its retained income is distributed to its shareholders as money dividends and also the remaining 38% target in short-term debt reduction, the launch of a fresh product and invest in a fresh sector and etc.

Companies with both popular and also preferred stocks first make up for the preferred stockholders and then the popular stockholders.

Besides the dividends annualized, after the liquidation of the fund, also dividend stocks may pay a unique one-time dividend or also selling an asset.

15 companies with High Dividend Stocks

Below is a list of 15 stocks with high dividends, also ordered by yielding dividends.

In short, The dividend shown below is the quantity paid, not annually, per period, such as: 

15 companies

1- Company Name: Hospitality Properties Trust

in the same vein, Symbol: HPT

Dividend Yield: 7.62%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.53

2- Company Name: AT&T Inc

in the same vein, Symbol: T

Dividend Yield: 6.54%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.51

3- Company Name: Greif Inc.

in the same vein, Symbol: GEF/B

Dividend Yield: 5.54%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.65

4- Company Name: BCE Inc.

in the same vein, Symbol: BCE

Dividend Yield: 5.46%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.79

5- Company Name: Seagate Technology Plc

in the same vein, Symbol: STX

Dividend Yield: 5.36%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.63

6- Company Name: Compass Minerals International Inc.

in the same vein, Symbol: CMP

Dividend Yield: 5.29%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.72

7- Company Name: Philip Morris International Inc

in the same vein, Symbol: PM

Dividend Yield: 5.23%

To clarify, Dividend: $1.14

8- Company Name: Universal Corp

in the same vein, Symbol: UVV

Dividend Yield: 4.99%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.75

9- Company Name: Occidental Petroleum Corp

in the same vein, Symbol: OXY

Dividend Yield: 4.73%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.78

10- Company Name: QUALCOMM Inc.

in the same vein, Symbol: QCOM

Dividend Yield: 4.66%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.62

11- Company Name: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

in the same vein, Symbol: CM

Dividend Yield: 4.59%

To clarify, Dividend: $1.36

12- Company Name: Dominion Energy Inc

in the same vein, Symbol: D

Dividend Yield: 4.56%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.9175

13- Company Name: International Business Machines Corp

in the same vein, Symbol: IBM

Dividend Yield: 4.50%

To clarify, Dividend: $1.57

14- Company Name: The Bank of Nova Scotia

in the same vein, Symbol: BNS

Dividend Yield: 4.34%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.85

15- Company Name: International Paper Co

in the same vein, Symbol: IP

Dividend Yield: 4.27%

To clarify, Dividend: $0.50

Source: Dividend (Wikipedia)

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