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deal with oanda in an open market

Agent of Canadian starting point, established in 1995, Oanda is among the greatest player with respect to explicitly the Forex showcase. It has been evaluated that 20% of spot forex every day operations goes through the Oanda servers. Notwithstanding the exemplary MT4, Oanda gives its own Web Trader which you can work with a Cent Account, i.e. you can exchange with almost no amounts (fractions of microlots). This element enables you to work with a decent cash administration even with records of a few tens of dollars.

How you can deal with Oanda? 

Account types:

Standard account

There is no minimum deposit

Leverage up to 1:200

More than 90 pairs of coins and precious metals

Company Properties:

Maximum lever up to 48

Minimum deposit $1

More than 90 pairs of traded coins and precious metals

Spreed variable

Does not accept Islamic account

Possibility of opening a demo account

Leverage up to 1:200

Trading Platforms:

In addition to the FxTrader platform, Oanda traders can use the MT4 platform, which offers competitive circuits without any commissions.

Working hours:

Oanda is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Advantages of dealing with Oanda

Features in Oanda

There are many excellent deliberative tools at Oanda.

Motivewave is a graphic platform, technical analysis and professional trading that enables the trader to perform traditional technical analysis quickly and easily using courses, style lines, channels, forks, studies, etc.

Fingraphs is based on a pre-designed technical analysis that contains direct tools for determining possible patterns, calculating potential price targets, and determining risk levels.

Market reports from Oanda submitted by autochartist and give traders a quick overview of the state of the markets by e-mail before starting their analyses during that day. The automated traders can also use the Autochrtist program to customize the MT4 platform and technical analysis indicators from OANDA. Market reports provide technical forecasts for forex markets for the next 24 to 48 hours.

There is also a continuous technical analysis supported by Autochartist as a tool added to the METATRADER4 platform, which has a continuous market survey and highlights to graph styles, style indicators and automatic alerts for specific styles.

Technical traders can also get wax patterns to try to anticipate future price movements.

The clear description of each of the tools is available on the website accompanied by relevant fees.

The Forex Command Book is a summary of 24 hours of open orders and the status of OANDA clients. This unique feature compares the open orders of Oanda customers to any major business pair. These two features are part of the company’s decision-making software tools.


There are many areas of education at the Oanda Academy. In addition to the training video on many topics, there is a choice of exciting articles for beginners and professionals. Interviews with large traders in many markets contribute to an interesting blend of different ways and strategies within the forex domain.

Updated news reports from many media sources are available at Oanda-marketpulse, 4cast and Dow Jones FX Select, which provides traders’ forex professionals are breaking news, time-tested, expert style and deep comments by a global team of reporters and business editors at Dow Jones. .

The “commitment of Traders” report is a weekly report that insists every Friday at 15:30 the Commission for the trading of the commodities and collects the holdings of the major speculators. Mainly hedge funds and banks in US futures markets where commodities, minerals and coins are sold and bought.


Oanda is a legislator in 6 different countries under local legislatures – NFA, cy, c, MiFID and FCA.

Customer Service

Traders can access customer service by e-mail and live chat during local trading hours by asking the question on the Internet.

Deposits & Withdrawals

You can check in Oanda accounts by cheque, PayPal, bank transfer or credit card.



Oanda is a leading financial services company. The Web site is easy to navigate and the account opening process is straightforward and fast. The broker offers a full range of products and services and is a legislator on a global level. I was pleased to see a site plan that includes all the topics I was looking for. Not all intermediaries submit this order.

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