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“There should be some improvement in 2018, as inflation begins to cool, but even then we anticipate real wage growth of just 0.7pc.
Low earners also spend more of their income than high earners, meaning they receive a second bigger blow from rising prices.
Economists do not expect this period of inflation to be that severe, and say consumer spending is “not heading for bust this year, [but] certainly faces the ingredients for a sharp slowdown”.
That inflation is driven in large part by the fall in the pound which is pushing up the cost of imported goods.
It is likely to be 2019 before workers begin to enjoy more ‘normal’ rates of real wage growth again.”Inflation rose even more quickly back in 2011 with price rises peaking at more than 5pc, as high oil prices and VAT hikes pushed up living costs.

Stock market boom helps keep economy growing

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Stock market to rev up in Q2’17

If they do not complete their registration with the SEC, they cannot trade their securities on a public market.
Now, what that also means is that such companies are restricting the ability of their shareholders to trade in a public market.
Mr. Bola Ajomale is the Managing Director/CEO, NASD OTC Securities Exchange Plc, the promoter of a trading network that eases secondary market trading of securities of unquoted public companies in Nigeria.
Some of them are in the process of doing it and some of them are still making arrangement for them to fully register as public companies.
If you look at the market, some companies were delisted from the stock exchange last year and there is this view that they will come to your platform.

Stock market to rev up in Q2’17

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