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New Trump administration have investor optimism higher than months ago

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REUTERS/Brendan McDermid5449575The soaring U.S. stock market and the new Trump administration have investor optimism higher than its been in months.
In fact, investor optimism is at its highest point since before the Great Recession of 2007.
Some 68 percent of investors said they expect Trump’s policies to produce strong returns in the stock market.
Not only has Trump improved investor optimism, but he has them changing their expectations and investment strategy just one week into his presidency.
Small businesses, like large investors, expect some significant opportunities for growth under Trump, UBS reports.

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With the major stock indexes near all-time highs, Trump may have been handed exactly the opposite stock market fate that Obama experienced.
The presidential election cycle occurs every four years, no matter what is going on with the economic cycle and stock market.
Stocks: 10 Things You Need To KnowWhere will the stock market go in the Trump administration?
History is likely to judge Obama’s presidency as favorable for the stock market.
Not only is the current expansion the weakest expansion on record so far, the 2.1% expansion growth rate is well below the long-term average growth rate.
Why The Stock Market Will Romp Under Donald Trump*/

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3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

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3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week*/


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