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Cramer tracks the effect of millennials over the stock market

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There is no doubt in Jim Cramer’s mind that companies across the market are targeting millennials, trying to steer the younger generation to become loyal to their products.
“You need to understand … the facts about millennials because they’re changing the companies have to do business,” Cramer said.
“Consider the tectonic shift we are seeing right now at The Walt Disney Company.”
I think they’re starting to impact car sales.”
“Look for the fingerprints of the millennials,” Cramer advised.

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Cramer tracks down the effect of millennials over the stock market

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problem is laying under the surface of the stock market

 surface of the stock market

The S&P 500 is weighted by market capitalization, meaning the most valuable companies in the index have the biggest influence.
Put quite simply: The foundation of the US stock market isn’t as strong as it looks on paper.
And wouldn’t you know it, the conglomerates most enjoying that earnings tailwind are also the ones with the biggest index weightings.
There has also been some turmoil under the surface of the stock market on a sector basis.
To be sure, stock market breadth — a measure of how concentrated gains are — is not yet at levels that are low enough to truly be deemed worrisome.

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