Important information about Citi Us

Here’s important information about Citi Us bank, such as its histories like date created as an example and other information, and also its mission.

History of Citi Us

Citi Us is one of the top 10 banks in USA.

Serving over 100 million customers in 40 nations.

Citibank is one of the biggest retail banks in the world.

They strategically have branches in the top towns of the world, four of them in London.

They provide current accounts to around 200,000 clients in the UK, accounts for foreign currency, management of riches, saving money and Services of investment.

Citi International Bank also provides clients with access to offshore investment.

The Citi Private Bank is also available to high-net people and families for a wide spectrum of property management services.

Citibank belongs to Citigroup Inc.,

Customer accounts at 200 million, doing companies and jurisdictions in more than 160 countries.

Citi offers a wide variety of economic products and services,

to customers, businesses, governments and institutions all over the globe,

includes consumer banking and credit, business and investment banks, securities brokering, transaction and wealth management services.

Source: WSJ

Date created

Citibank opened in 1812,

and a significant participant in some of the world’s most innovative banking successes since then,

including the world first ATM pioneering.

In the last two decades,

they have tirelessly developed fresh methods of facilitating world-wide banking,

becoming one of the world’s leading international institutions.

In the UK the bank was the first to launch 24-hour PC banking,

which permits customers from anywhere in the world,

to view their balance sheets.

They have taken a lead in many developments,

and also clients can now view all Citi accounts abroad in a single location by password,

with use your Global View of Accounts Service.

The service is presently offered in 15 nations and in other nations worldwide is to be introduced.

This is the new way of thinking and the global banking strategy,

That has allowed them to constantly evolve their products,

and services over the last 200 years and to enhance them,

that enables clients of Citibank to continue the finest banking experience possible.

Source: Citi group

The mission of Citi Us

During the last 200 years,

Citi faced the hardest challenges in the world,

and also took advantage of its best chances.

Today, they are continuing their efforts to produce the highest results,

For customers with easy, creative and accountable economic alternatives.

The four main guiding principles of their mission are, such as the following:

1- Joint Objective

In short, they operate as a team to serve their customers,

and stakeholders with one objective.

2- Skillfulness Ingenuity

In short, they strive to strengthen the life of their customers by means of innovation,

which utilizes the breadth and depth information,

its global network and also products of world-class.

3- Finance Responsible

In short, they carry out business in a transparent, careful and also reliable way.

4- Management

In short, Provide the best training for talented individuals,

To enable them to grow in a variety of meritocracies,

that require excellence, initiative and also bravery.

Source: Federal reserve

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