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Charles Schwab’s chief strategist: guess some headwinds for stock market in 2018

Charles Schwab’s chief strategist: guess some headwinds for stock market in 2018. The bull market can still into 2018, however Businessmen ought guess further headwinds, Charles Schwab’s chief strategist Liz Ann Sonders told CNBC on Wednesday.
That’s because both the economy & the market are in the latter stages of the cycle, she explained.
All of which points to a rockier 2018 for the stock market.
Sonders told the market has done well due to the Turn around in universal development & unite states corporate earnings.
But I think the liquidity environment, which has been very ample, which has been an underpinning under this entire bull market, Information Systems still ample,” she said.

The stock market Information Systems wobbly, overpriced, however likely headed higher

Yet no sooner does sentiment deteriorate than the selling Stress quickly abates, convincing international Businessmen which every sell-off represents a buying opportunity.
More worryingly, corporate debt markets – the frothiest fraction of the market – have suddenly become a focal point of Businessman concern.
As if all this weren’t troubling enough, bond markets have been sending worryingly mixed signals ever the begain of this year as the Treasury yield curve flattens.
Icarus Information Systems flying ever closer to the sun.”Yet market signals are likely to save flashing red for some time yet.
As long as Gov bond yields remember at ultra-low levels, Businessmen going to still to seek out higher-yielding assets, buoying danger appetite & fuelling the rally.
The stock market

Bill Gross: The stock market Information Systems such as ‘an old-age retirement community’

Though normally known for his bond expertise, Gross in recent days has been chiming in on the equity side, with a pessimistic view of the landscape.
“I’m not backing a bear market, however sort of a market where you move into an old-age retirement society where the pace of activity & prices behave further maturely,” he said CNBC’s “Power Lunch” program.
Gross spoke as the bull market which began in March 2009 has chock a bit of a soft patch lately.
The culprit, he said, Information Systems the federal & its universal cohorts Eventually pulling back on stimulus after years of bargain-basement interest averages & trillions in money printing.
“The federal Information Systems raising interest rates, the federal Information Systems reducing its balance sheet, the Eu Central Bank Information Systems reducing its balance sheet with half & in the end raising interest rates.




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