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Cal Thomas: What the stock market is telling us about your future under President Trump

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(Alex Kraus/Bloomberg)The stock market keeps going up and up and up — and investors are feeling pretty good about it.
Investors have not been this bullish about the stock market in 30 years, according to a recent survey of market professionals done by Investors Intelligence, an investment research firm.
Instead of pouring all of the money into the market at once, you can start by investing $5,000, says Kinahan.
Money that will be needed in five years or less — such as emergency savings or the down payment for a home — should probably be kept out of the stock market, he says.
“The biggest mistake I see investors make is they have an all-or-none mind-set,” says JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist for TD Ameritrade.

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How major US stock market indexes fared on Monday

The Russell 2000 index of small-company stocks retreated 9.88 points, or 0.7 percent, to 1,384.25.
On Monday:The Standard & Poor’s 500 index declined 7.81 points, or 0.3 percent, to 2,375.31.
The Russell 2000 is up 27.12 points, or 2 percent.
Banks gave back some of their recent gains after a jump in interest rates last week sent them sharply higher.
The Dow Jones industrial average gave up 51.37 points, or 0.2 percent, to 20,954.34.

How major US stock market indexes fared on Monday*/

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Obama made one of history’s greatest stock market calls 8 years ago

Obama made one of history's greatest stock market calls 8 years ago*/

Exactly 8 years ago on March 6, 2009, the S&P 500 dropped to an intraday low of 666.
Just days earlier, President Barack Obama, who stepped into office in 2009 — the year after stocks lost nearly 40% — ended up making one of the most perfectly time market calls ever.
I’ll leave it up to them to make determinations about whether valuations and stock prices are too high.
Three days later, it clocked out with a closing low of 676.63.
“My estimation is you’ve got a lot of savvy investors out there,” he said.

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