Professinal Attire of business vs business casual

There is a difference between Professional Attire of Business vs business casual, every work requires a special quality of clothing.

Professional Attire of Business vs business casual

Business Attire Definition

Business attire normally refers to clothes which staff wear in the job.

In the setting of work, there is a difference expecting in business attire from where attire models.

Models are divided into two types, such as Business Attire for professional and Business Casual Attire.

business vs business casual: professional Attire of business

In general, the word business with professional relates to attire which is dark-coloured suits with long sleeved collared shirts, suit jackets, leather belts, ties, leather lace-up shoes and it is appropriate to have minimal jewellery such as a watch.

This is the sort of attire that in professions usually wear.
Such as financial environments like banks and stockbrokers, and also with lawyers.

It is the same model one should follow in some formal occasions outside business such as court appearances or funerals.

Although there are many other professions which adhere to the professional attire of the company, many businesses don’t apply such a rigid dress code.

These businesses choose to wear your staff what is known as Business Casual Attire which will talk about it in the following.

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Business Casual Attire

For men, Business casual may be simpler for males than females to figure out.

The Business Casual Attire for men include long-sleeve button-down shirt, socks, and dress shoes.

Here are some attire samples, such as:

Tops: Short-sleeved button-down shirts ideally coloured neutrally, you should avoid shirts which printed.

Bottoms: Jeans, preferred to be dark jeans and be ideally when wearing a blazer.

Shoes: tie-up shoes or classic dark leather shoes.

Avoid the following: don’t use sandals, boots or boat shoes.

For women, Business attire can be a combination of a skirt or trousers and a blouse. It is also possible to wear a simple dress.
It is also possible to add a simple jacket or blazer on dressier to complete the look for occasions.

Here are some attire samples, such as:

Tops, such as tops with dressy but decent necklines, classy sleeveless shirts, wrap-around cotton blouses, sheath dresses in neutral and solid colours.

Bottoms: knee-length skirts or trousers.

Shoes: open-toed heels, closed kitten heels, stilettos or pumps.

Avoid the following: don’t use bright colours, strappy flat sandals or shirts with bold prints and bright colours.

Source: Business Casual (Wikipedia)

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