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america stock market ‘ll likely highest out in the next 3 weeks


At this point, it looks like we may only attain the lower end of that target region.
Investors have been expecting the America stock market to crash for years.
(Luke’s timing model called for this current rally in the S&P 500 over a week ago.)
Moreover, Luke Miller, who runs one of our proprietary timing models at, notes that there is a potential timing target around Aug. 9 that can mark a larger-degree top in the market.
It seems the 2008 financial crisis and related market decline damaged investors’ psyche, and they’re always thinking the next disaster is right around the corner.

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exchanging volume backs sharply though as stock market hits highs

Trading volume slows sharply even as stock market hits highs

Summer trading volume has gone from a slowdown to more of a near halt even as stock-market benchmarks fitfully carve out records.
That follows the second-lowest volume trading day of the year on Monday, with 5.12 billion shares traded.
Low trading volume has also extended to exchange-traded funds like the SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY, -0.09% which saw its lowest volume day since December 2006 on Monday, according to FactSet data.
That followed the lowest volume day of the year on Monday, when 1.36 billion shares changed hands.
On Monday, the ETF had a trading volume of 33.5 million shares, compared with a month-to-date average of 49.8 million and a year-to-date average of 73.2 million.

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2 catalysts that can effect a stock market correction

stock market correction

Citi said the stock market could be at risk if there is a global economic slowdown coupled with softer earnings.
They said the second quarter of 2016 was the last quarter of negative earnings growth and should make for easy comparison for this earnings season.
Recent data have shown outflows from U.S. and European equities as well as from EM bond funds and reduced inflows to EM equities,” Citi strategists wrote.
Price-earnings ratios are vulnerable to a slowdown in earnings growth.
Global strategists at JPMorgan raised the flag on earnings, but pointed out that the second quarter should be strong.

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