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About China construction bank :strategy & benefits

China construction bank is one of the biggest banks in the world,

 So it’s very important to talk about it, such as its strategy and its benefits in this article on our website Peeker finance.

China construction bank

China construction bank strategy

China Building Bank wants to be a world-class bank by offering its clients the finest service,

in addition to wants to become a leading bank,

With particular attention to the following:

For Customers

They aim to reinforce their long-standing relations,

with big business clients by concentrating on sector leaders in strategic sectors, such as electricity, telecommunications, oil and gas and infrastructure.

and by selectively establishing relations with small and medium-sized business clients, the major financial institutions and public organizations.

For Products

They aim to create their wholesale and retail products,

in order to concentrate on fee-based companies, including payment and settlements, management of personal property and management of the treasury.

They plan to proactively expand their personal banking company,

by focusing on residential mortgages and various economical products,

and building a leading credit card enterprise.

For Geographical regions

Our attempts in the most advanced areas of the Delta of the Yangtze,

Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim are to be given priority.
Furthermore, in the capital cities of China’s inner provinces, they aim at accelerating their growth.

Their Rewards and Benefits

In short, Insurance and retirement benefits associated with them

One of their priorities is to care for their employees ‘ health and well-being.

To accomplish this by providing extensive and competitive health and pension coverage,

including health, life, private, company and retirement insurance, and enhanced pension advantages.

Welfare Associate Programs

In short, They care for partners in events of personal importance,

like marriage and newborn babies or unforeseen circumstances,

such as hospital admission via our Hearts and Flowers program.

To appreciate the allegiance, contributions and engagement of their employees,

when they reach the necessary years of service they will receive a service award.

Benefits Time off

In short, Their employees have the right to any paid leave,

including annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, wedding leave and exam leave,

so that they can meet their private or family responsibilities.

Housing and banking privileges associated.

They also give their partners banking rights,

including partner loans, automobile loans, a payroll account and a preferential rate RMB payroll account.

Source: Wikipedia 

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