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A threatening example has uncovered itself in money markets

A threatening example has uncovered itself in money markets The reason appears to be that the traditional technical patterns, support/resistance, indicators and sentiment analysis are now well-known, giving advance indications to the smarter players as to what the market participants following traditional technical analysis would do.

Prudent investors ought to pay attention to a menacing pattern developing in the money markets .
The foregoing is the reason that as the years go by, more and more technical breakouts fail, and the success rate of traditional technical analysis diminishes.
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Trump might not want to take credit for the money market just now

Donald Trump

If you have followed my U.S. stock market analysis through the years, you would know I have, correctly, been steadfastly bullish.
My expectation is that such a market top will likely usher in a 15% to 20% correction in the stock market.
From this analyst’s perspective, it may be best to wait until 2020 before the president wants to ride the coat tails of the stock market.
Here they write:“Generally, incumbents who preside over a net advance in the stock market tend to obtain a higher vote margin than incumbents who preside over a net decline in the stock market in the one, two, three and four years before the election.
I still believe we have more to see in this bull market going into 2018.

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