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YouTube Set to Lose $750 Million as Advertisers Don’t Want to be Linked to Hate Speech

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It turns out that there’s a breaking point after all: just because a video is really, really popular doesn’t mean an advertiser wants their name next to it.
But if you ask the recent spate of major-league advertisers dumping YouTube, they might have some things to say about its real-world applicability.
That even advertising space on YouTube with its worldwide traffic isn’t worth having their brand plastered next to a ranting extremist’s home video.
The Wall Street Journal’s asserted that nothing’s changed in the week since Google’s mea culpa, and advertisers aren’t waiting.
A massive wave of some of the world’s biggest companies have decided that they’ve had enough of the world’s largest online video platform.

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Google Is Funding Alex Jones’ Harassment And Hate On YouTube

It would appear to be consistent with YouTube’s existing policies to pull advertising from Jones’ videos.
Google requires that all videos uploaded to the site comply with its community guidelines, which include restrictions on hate speech.
But it appears that Google, through YouTube, has not taken any similar action.
Jones’ YouTube videos and other content feature extreme anti-LGBTQ and racist commentary, and Infowars promotes conspiracy theories that have encouraged harassment of families that lost children in the Sandy Hook massacre and led to a gunman firing shots in a Washington, D.C., pizzeria.
After that incident, Jones scrubbed Pizzagate-related content from his YouTube page and elsewhere.

YouTube Set to Lose $750 Million as Advertisers Don't Want to be Linked to Hate Speech

according to Considering that five of the top 20 US advertisers have currently stalled their advertising deals with YouTube, this could prove to be a big blow to the video-sharing site’s profitability.
YouTube’s parent company Google is set to lose up to $750 million, with major brands such as PepsiCo and McDonald’s pulling their ads from the site as a result of not wanting their products linked to hate speech and other offensive videos.
The issue advertisers have with the platform is the lack of control over where their adverts will appear.
With YouTube having been besieged by controversies in recent months, it’s not difficult to see how the company is struggling to remain an attractive proposition to advertisers.
It’s uncertain how this will affect the landscape of YouTube, but advertisers reportedly want Google to be able to promise that their videos won’t appear on such content before they reevaluate their ad deals with YouTube.

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