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“ubergizmo” said : Emirates Offers Workaround On Electronics Ban

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While larger electronics are still banned and need to be checked in, what Emirates has done is that they will allow passengers to use their gadgets right before they board.
This is because the airlines has come up with a workaround on the ban.
After which Emirates staff will then go around collecting your gadgets and they will be stowed together with the luggages in the cargo hold.
This means that basically any electronic gadget larger than a smartphone has to be checked in, which we can only imagine can be rather inconvenient.
However the good news is that if you are flying from one of the affected countries and you need your laptop or tablet for work, you might want to fly Emirates.

Fly Emirates Airline Laptop Electronics Ban Workaround

Fly Emirates Airline Laptop Electronics Ban Workaround

And now Emirates has announced a sneaky sort of electronics concierge service that will let you use your laptop or tablet right up until you board.
Royal Jordanian airlines, for one, has been brilliantly trolling Trump & Co. with amusing snide remarks in the form of Twitter poetry and fun tips for a laptop-less flight.
It’s not much, but it’s a hell of a lot better than checking that stuff, finding out your flight has been delayed, and sitting at the gate for hours trying to painstakingly type an “ASAP” work memo or presentation or article into your iPhone.

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