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Trump’s budget a unsettled bag for energy strip

Look for them at Anahuac, Brazoria, and San Bernard National Wildlife Refuges.

Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska … more Photo: HO Trump’s budget a mixed bag for energy sector 1 / 4 Back to GalleryWASHINGTON – From selling off oil in the strategic petroleum reserve to cutting funding for renewable energy research, the Trump administration on Tuesday proposed a new course for financing the nation’s energy sector as it seeks to balance the federal budget.
The energy proposals come as part of a Trump budget that seeks to slash discretionary spending while lowering federal taxes.
White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on Monday described the proposal as a “taxpayer first budget.”
The administration hopes to generate an additional $1.8 billion over the next decade by opening up oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska.

Trump’s pure energy budget cuts would ‘devastate’

 clean energy budget

as informed in Trump’s clean energy budget cuts would ‘devastate’ an emerging economic sectorBudget plan calls for elimination of ARPA-E, major cuts to renewables research.
Funding of renewable energy research was targeted in President Donald Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget request for the Department of Energy.
CREDIT: AP Photo/Matt YoungPresident Donald Trump’s 2018 budget would make huge cuts in renewable energy research and eliminate agencies within the Department of Energy that fund energy technology projects.
Even the budget for fossil energy research and development was targeted in Trump’s proposal.
The Trump administration also wants to eliminate the Title XVII clean energy projects loan program.

as informed in

Wind energy research would decline to $31.7 million from $95.27 million, a 67 percent cut

 renewable energy

Wind energy research would decline to $31.7 million from $95.27 million, a 67 percent cut.
It would reduce the budget of the Energy Department’s Fossil Energy Research and Development Program down to $280 million from $631 million in 2017, a 56 percent cut.
Another administration priority, nuclear energy, would also see research cuts, though not as sharp.
“This administration budget proposal would put us behind China and Europe, blunting our competitive edge in a multi-trillion dollar developing clean energy global market.”His was just one of many statements by clean energy advocates, denouncing the cuts.
Funding would decline to $703 million from $984 million a year earlier, or more than 28 percent.

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