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Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens, for a 50% profit

On Monday, auction house Paramount Realty USA announced the house had sold for $2,140,000.
The president-elect lived there until he was about 4, when his family moved to another home his father had built nearby.
“That intangible value makes it a perfect example of why special properties are appropriately sold by auction, just like art is.
“This property is so much more than real estate; it’s the childhood home of the 45th president of the United States,” Misha Haghani, principal of Paramount Realty said.
City records show an investor, Michael Davis, ultimately bought the home for nearly $1.4 million in December.
Donald Trump’s Childhood Home
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Investor Flips Donald Trump’s Childhood Home for 50% Profit

A real estate investor has flipped President Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens, New York, for a 50% profit, banking nearly $750,000 over what he paid for it.
Mr. Trump’s father built the five-bedroom house on Wareham Place, in the upper-middle-class neighborhood of Jamaica Estates, Queens, in 1940.
He succeeded and made 53% over what he paid—though less than what some real estate professionals had predicted in November, in the wake of Election Day.
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Five days before Inauguration Day, investor Michael Davis sold at auction the brick tudor home where Mr. Trump first lived.

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Trump’s Childhood Home

A house where Donald Trump once lived in as a child has been generating quite a bit of interest — and value — lately.
Davis flipped the property to an unnamed bidder on March 23 for $2.14 million — a nearly 54% profit.
It ultimately sold in December to real estate investor Michael Davis, who purchased the 2,500-square-foot home for $1,390,500.
“I had a really good childhood; oh that’s sad to look at that, I want to buy it.”
The home was built by Trump’s father, Fred Trump, Haghani said.

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