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Trending: United Airlines gets pushback after leggings incident; Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ accused of whitewashing

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“When we feel defeated we listen to Paul Ryan,” Papa Roach tweeted on Friday, weighing in.
In the manga series, “Death Note” is about a Japanese teenager named Light Yagami.
Death Note (Netflix)This Death Note adaptation is a reminder that Hollywood will put time & effort into rewriting POC stories so that whiteness is centered — Clara Mae (@ubeempress) March 22, 2017@ubeempress is among fans of the Japanese manga series “Death Note” who were not excited after Netflix released a trailer for an American film with the same name.
(Getty Images)Paul Ryan driving off while blasting Last Resort by Papa Roach is easily my favorite piece of fake news ever.
And who determines “properly” @united https://t.co/p5bWELtysY — Bonita Arrington (@kweenb428) March 26, 2017Paul Ryan was not listening to Papa Roach (but we wish he was).

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How two teens in leggings became a PR mess for United Airlines

The girls were fine with the policy, Guerin says, but a traveler named Shannon Watts who overheard the exchange took offense.
United’s Guerin conceded that the airline could have done a better job of getting the facts out early.
United may have limited any damage to its image if it reacted more quickly to the tweets and explained its policy on the free passes, Terry said.
“A dress code still shouldn’t be gendered and sexist.
Watts, in a phone interview on Monday, conceded that she did not initially realize that the girls were using passes that entailed following a dress code.

Two teenagers in leggings land United Airlines in tights spot

as mentioned in United Airlines found itself in a tights spot on Sunday and was still facing a backlash on Monday after two teenage girls were barred from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings.
https://twitter.com/GovMikeHuckabee/status/846358924911620096https://twitter.com/meearf/status/846407858501664769https://twitter.com/shannonandswift/status/846193987295727617At the end of the day, some people did come to United Airlines’ defense.
“The passengers [Sunday] morning were United pass riders and not in compliance with our dress code for company benefit travel.
In fact, The New York Daily News pointed out that other airlines have similar dress code policies in place — Delta actually bans “excessively dirty” or “vulgar” clothing.
The company has been defending its passenger dress code policy from criticism on Twitter since a high-profile Twitter user shared that the girls’ spandex was at issue.

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