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“thestreet” said : Judge: ExxonMobil Must Work With NY Attorney General Regarding Lost Tillerson Emails

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Rex Tillerson Allegedly Used ‘Wayne Tracker’ Pseudonym While CEO of ExxonMobil

Rex Tillerson Allegedly Used 'Wayne Tracker' Pseudonym While CEO of ExxonMobil

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office is alleging that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson used an alias email account while running ExxonMobil from at least 2008 through 2015.
Tillerson used the pseudonym Wayne Tracker in email exchanges discussing climate change and its potential impacts on his company, the New York attorney general’s office wrote in a letter to Judge Barry Ostrager Monday (March 13).
As the letter states, information exchanged under the Wayne Tracker alias might prove relevant to the investigation.
Schneiderman launched an investigation into the company in November 2015 to find out how the company may have provided investors with false information on how climate change would impact the business.
Seventeen attorney generals joined him in calling out the company’s actions in March 2016, from states including Massachusetts, California, Vermont and Maryland.

as mentioned in It’s a weighty sum, but the purchase gives Intel cutting-edge machine-learning technology that lies at the center of the nascent autonomous car industry.
MIT Technology Review: Intel’s $15 Billion Mobileye Buyout Puts It in the Autonomous Car Driver’s SeatIntel has announced that it plans to acquire the autonomous car hardware firm Mobileye for a cool $15 billion.
It’s also by far the largest autonomous car acquisition to date, and another sign that the self-driving vehicle sector looks set to explode in the coming years.
Windpower Monthly: Siemens Installs 3.15 MW Low-Wind PrototypeThe SWT-3.15-142 turbine uses 69-meter blades, manufactured by LM Wind Power.
The buyout of Mobileye, one of our 50 Smartest Companies of 2016, is the second-largest ever made by Intel.

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