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“thestreet” declare : Gummy Bear Maker Haribo to Open First U.S. Plant

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As it stated in The German candy maker Haribo is acquiring property in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, for its first U.S. production facility.
The family-owned Haribo, famous for its Gold-Bear brand gummy candies, will begin production in 2020 at what Wisconsin Gov.
Scott Walker is hailing as one of the largest, most sophisticated confectionery factories in the United States.
In an email statement, Hans Guido Riegel, the confectioner’s managing partner, said Haribo is the “fastest-growing candymaker in the United States,” Reuters reported.
Walker said the Kenosha County facility will be one of the largest investments of new operations by an overseas company in Wisconsin history.

German Confectioner Haribo To Open First U.S. Factory In Wisconsin

Gummy Bear Maker Haribo to Open First U.S. Factory

Haribo, the German-based maker of Gummy Bears, is planning to open its first factory in the United States.
The new Haribo factory will be built in Pleasant Prairie, Wis.
Haribo is also still negotiating with Pleasant Prairie to buy the land for it new factory.
Walker says that the state is still negotiating with Haribo concerning an incentive package for building the factory in the state.
The factory will cost $242 million to make and is expected to bring a minimum of 400 jobs to the area.

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