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“The Wall Street Journal” said : Rock ‘n’ Roll Trailblazer Chuck Berry’s Legacy

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I hope featuring the … iconic guitar riffs We lyrics … distinctive sound meeting the pioneer of rock’n’roll … music legend … born in St Louis in nineteen twenty six middle class parents … Barry developed an interest in music and the army … at the time America’s pop music charts had just three categories … rhythm and blues and country western … but Barry’s fusion of RMB in country music … carved out a new genre of music … called rock’n’roll …
I … broke down racial barriers of the nineteen fifty is … captivating teenagers both black and why … Barry … was one of the first black artist to do … varies nineteen fifty five breakout hit Maybelline … top Billboard magazine’s RMB chart … and reached number five on … her tail … the sun set off a wave of hits from a … rollover Beethoven … Johnny B candy … and sweet little sixteen … his distinctive guitar playing don’t even though this and calculated showmanship including his trademark … dark was right … set the standard for future brought home this … nineteen sixty one … carries career crown to a halt … when he was convicted of transporting and under age girl across the lines for immoral purposes … he served one and a half years in prison … but it did said Mr Barry into obscurity … following his stint in jail here indeed the deepest corner setting up the second wave of hits that included … never can tell … in nineteen seventy two his first number one … a live version of the womb until the looks on … Friday … in nineteen seventy nine he went back to jail … this time for income tax evasion … but after his release he returned to touring continue well into ZTS … today to various music is considered the essence of our … friends Keith Richards and Michael Jackson … his music and states that … is influencing their own … in nineteen eighty six he was among the first inductees to the new rock’n’roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland he’s received a Grammy lifetime achievement award … as well as the Kennedy Center’s honors … perhaps the biggest testament to berries and played some music industry … if not a while … with his inclusion on the record sent into space by NASA … in nineteen seventy seven … the gold plated copper disc was filled with sounds and images … ManTech and extra trash film team a sense of life on earth … among the ninety minutes of music pieces from Bob can be so bad … and various rock’n’roll class …

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A Moment Of Chuck Berry’s Music

A Moment Of Chuck Berry's Music

A Moment Of Chuck Berry’s MusicLOURDES GARCIA-NAVARRO, HOST:If you really want to feel Chuck Berry’s impact on music, just look to the stars – the rock stars who are remembering him.
Bruce Springsteen called him the greatest pure rock and roll writer who ever lived.
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Chuck Berry's only number one: My ding-a-ling

Image copyright AFP Image caption Is Chuck Berry’s only number one also his worst song?
“My ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling, I want to play with my ding-a-ling.”
Chuck Berry had many hits, but this one, to the chagrin of some of his fans but apparently not Berry himself, was his only number one single in the United States and UK.
“I want you to play with my”, the women continued, “ding-a-ling”, the men finished.
The song was released as a single at about four minutes in length, and later appeared on the album The London Chuck Berry Sessions at a whopping 11 minutes.

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