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The perfect tips in fuel economy 40% in your car

Despite the decline in oil prices and its negative effects on the environment around us, it is important to seriously think about how to save it . Many asks about fuel economy leadership, How can you know the appropriate rate of fuel use daily and monthly, and how do we learn to save fuel under these current variables?

fuel economy

Smart tips in fuel economy in your car at a rate of up to 40%


Improve the use of the transmission speed

to reach Fuel economy , change the transfers down to the maximum at 1000 RPM, and changing the uploads upward at 2400 RPM.stability of speed and reduce the use of brakes

Try to keep your speed steady as soon as possible, Start at 40 km / h, then reduce brake use as much as possible . Let the engine reduce the acceleration by raising your foot from the accelerator only.

the slowest .. the most saving!

The faster your fuel consumption, the less you save it. The ideal speed for fuel consumption on highways is from 80 to 100 km / h.

Going up and down on the cliffs is always fun .. but not economically!

Do not press the accelerator pedal on the cliffs , and let gravity do what is required.  You must reduction of the shift if weaker than the high to avoid accidents .

Adjust the air inside the wheels

The greater the air pressure within the tires, the less the body’s resistance to the air during the process and thus less fuel consumption. so it’s important to check the tire pressure periodically every month.

Car weight reduction is an important factor

reducing the weight of the car lessen the body’s resistance to air during the walk and reflected positively on its consumption of fuel. Remove any unnecessary weight from the car. It is not a storage place, and if you put any extra accessories on the roof of the car such as a network or refrigerator and do not need it , you must remove them .


Close the engine when stopping for more than 30 seconds

fuel economy

this tip is very important to fuel economy in crowded places, and high crowded traffic lights and stops, it is known that the car consumes fuel at a faster rate while parking.

There is no need to heat the engine

Do not heat the engine even in winter, because modern cars do not require you more than to turn on the engine and set off to enjoy driving. Any time the engine works without its actual use is simply a useless fuel burn.

Intelligent use of air conditioning

If you have to turn on the air conditioning, make sure that the temperature inside the car is not much higher than outside. For example, when you park the car for a while and then ride it you will find the temperature difference is very large inside, and will make the air conditioning takes time and effort and energy to cool the atmosphere inside. You can overcome this by opening the windows slightly until the temperature is equal before you turn on the air conditioning.

Engine maintenance and fuel tank

It is very important to maintain the engine periodically to ensure its efficiency in Fuel economy . The fuel tank must also be cleaned every period using the material designated for that, which is sold at the gas stations, in order to get rid of impurities in the tank.


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