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The Cape Cod Chamber has worked on behalf of its member businesses

The American people overwhelmingly support Social Security because they appreciate that it provides working families with basic economic security when wages are lost as the result of death, disability, or old age.
This would require a new dedicated funding source for Social Security.”
President Donald Trump, who campaigned on a promise not to cut Social Security, is reportedly considering a plan to eliminate much of the payroll tax that funds the critical safety net program.
Those additional revenues could then enable the end of the 12.4 percent payroll tax, split evenly between employers and employees, that funds Social Security, while keeping the health insurance payroll tax in place.
She wrote on Tuesday:If Trump proposes this Trojan horse, it would be the newest shot in the ongoing Republican war against Social Security.

Donald Trump

As it stated in Seasonal workers must obtain a Social Security number before working in the U.S.Northcross said that having these seasonal workers is beneficial to the Cape’s summer economy.
HYANNIS –Starting this week, the Social Security Administration will host satellite locations in Orleans and Provincetown to assist temporary J1 and H2B seasonal workers in finalizing their required applications to begin work with Cape Cod businesses.
The Cape Cod Chamber has worked on behalf of its member businesses to implement the special remote locations.
“We’re trying to make it as convenient as possible for our local employers and for their summer help,” said Chamber CEO Wendy Northcross.
By JUSTIN SAUNDERS, CapeCod.com Newscenter


How to spot fake answers from Social Security Administration reps

Social Administration

Financial advisers should keep this link handy that explains the rules for claiming Social Security benefits as a spouse.
Her husband had claimed his Social Security benefits several years earlier when he retired.
The wife is 62 and is eligible for a small Social Security benefits of her own.
They must actually collect their Social Security benefits before a spouse can claim her spousal share.
But to step up to a larger spousal benefit, she’ll have to wait until her husband claims Social Security.
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