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Following Warren Buffett’s Precepts quoting : Newsweek

as declared in By ignoring all of the noise of the market, Warren is able to view investments objectively and unearth exceptional opportunities. I believe that looking at stocks by using Warren Buffett’s precepts will uncover undervalued opportunities in this frothy market. After the sell-off following the E. coli scare, …

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Former President Dines with Warren Buffett quoting : 1011now

as informed in Why Buffett loves the insurance business so muchIn a nutshell, Buffett loves the insurance business for its financial structure. Here’s a rundown of Berkshire’s insurance operations, and why Buffett loves the insurance business so much. Buffett refers to the property-casualty insurance business as “the engine that has …

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Obama meets with Warren Buffett quoting : kiplinger

As it stated in When normal interest rates return, we believe this will add $3 billion to revenue and improve our operating margin to more than 40 percent.” This spread reduction has reduced our net interest income by $2.5 billion, from $10 billion to $7.5 billion — or if you …

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“USA TODAY” said : Warren Buffett doubles down on Apple

as declared in At the end of 2016, Berkshire held 45.5 million shares of American, 60 million shares of Delta, 43.2 million shares of Southwest and nearly 29 million shares of United Continental. After Jan. 1, it bought 120 million Apple shares. Berkshire Hathaway had 57 million shares in Apple …

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“In Man” said : Warren Buffett Loves HomeServices of America

referring to In Warren Buffett’s 2016 investor letter released this past weekend, the folksy tycoon called out HomeServices of America (HSA) and said to expect more acquisitions. “HomeServices owns 38 realty companies with more than 29,000 agents who operate in 28 states. HSA has pushed hard for real estate brokers …

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