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Economic growth 2.4 % percent in Mississippi in 2016

After several years of negligible economic growth in Europe, over the previous 12 months European economic growth has taken off, and analysts expect the region to grow between 1.7% and 1.5% during 2015. One of the main economic success stories over the past 12 months has been the european Economic …

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German economy grow 1.6 percent this year and 1.9 in 2018

He added that numerous risks, such as US President Donald Trump’s protectionist threats and the uncertain outcome of Brexit negotiations, had not slowed growth so far. The Spanish economy powered ahead, however, with a stronger-than-expected growth rate of 0.8 percent in the first quarter, above the eurozone average of 0.5 …

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China’s economic growth continues to slowdown

Economic inequality and poverty rates in China today are increasingly going down. However, as China’s economic growth continues to slowdown, its government will have to implement relevant measures meant to effectively deal with this trend. This Op-Ed/Analysis is the author’s personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or …

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Euro fell against the dollar on euro zone government

Euro zone economic growth is steadily picking up pace and the risks to the survival of the single currency are receding after pro-euro centrist Emmanuel Macron won the first round of France’s presidential vote. Traders argued that Draghi’s comments were more cautious than they had expected and the euro EUR= …

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first-quarter GDP growth has averaged just 1.1%

it is often the case that growth sags in the first quarter of the year, despite recent efforts by statisticians to purge the economic data of seasonality. THE news that America’s GDP growth slowed to 0.7% on an annualised basis in the first quarter of 2017 is no real surprise, …

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Economic Growth has averaged 1.0 percent since 2010

There’s some truth to this: first quarter growth has averaged 1.0 percent since 2010. GDP growth was terrible in the first quarter, rising at an annual rate of only 0.7 percent. The most common excuse for this miserable performance is that it’s for the first quarter, and first quarters are …

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