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Trump was contemplating breaking up the big Wall Street banks

The city is taking its case to the Supreme Court, asking to sue big banks that targeted mostly minority neighborhoods with predatory lending practices. But that doesn’t mean the city can prevail without proving that the bank’s practices were directly responsible. A majority of the court agreed that cities, not …

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Overnight Energy: Trump administration ponders deeper EPA cuts quoting : “thecarconnection”

referring to ENERGY GROUPS URGE TRANSMISSION INFRASTRUCTURE OVERHAUL: Renewable energy groups and manufacturers are urging Congress to support electric transmission upgrades as part of any infrastructure improvement package considered this Congress. BIG CUTS COMING FOR EPA: The Trump administration is aiming to expand its budget cuts for the Environmental Protection …

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The Telegraph declare : EU’s ‘currency nationalism’ could splinter world’s financial system, warns Bank of England deputy

collected by :Donald Luther referring to “A policy of ‘currency nationalism’ is not a necessary condition for either financial or indeed monetary stability – as is demonstrated by international experience in relation to financial market infrastructure over recent decades,” Sir Jon said, avoiding mentioning the EU directly. If the EU singles …

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foreign direct investment good conditions and shortcomings

What is a foreign direct investment? foreign direct venture (FDI) is an interest in a business by a financial specialist from another nation for which the remote speculator has control over the organization bought. The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) characterizes control as owning at least 10% of the …

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