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sudden change meant that their stock market values fell dramatically

This sudden change meant that their stock market values fell dramatically, with Amazon’s dropping by 87 percent and Alphabet’s bottoming out by 86 percent.

“As part of its normal process, the UTP distributed test data and certain third parties improperly propagated the data,” a spokesman said.
Perhaps someone started the festivities a little too early and distributed the test data by mistake.
Amusingly, other companies with generally far lower average share values saw their stock prices jump into the stratosphere.
-The error, thought to have started when financial information providers wrongly interpreted a data test of some kind as real-time stock prices, caused an intense moment of utter pandemonium on trading floors.

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With Oil reduction, The Stock Market Is The Biggest Loser

Oil Plummeting

The last time oil prices got this low, low prices encouraged more production, which led to even lower prices, in a vicious feedback loop.
A lot of people attribute that to a decline in investment in the energy sector, and more importantly, possible contagion effects from plummeting high yield energy credits.
Crude oil prices are the “tell” for the global markets.
Oil prices are also a huge input in the Canadian economy, of course, which makes the Bank of Canada’s sudden quest to hike interest rates seem somewhat quixotic.
I think the recent slide in oil prices is forecasting a recession–which might happen soon.

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 Stock Market

Luckily, the use of a stock market index can help define a particular market, as well as track its performance in a way that is easy to reference.
What is a Stock Market Index?
Types of IndicesToday’s infographic from StocksToTrade.com defines a stock market index as a thermometer that measures the health of a group of stocks.
Regional Geography: A stock market index can also track a specific region, such as Europe.
Industry: A stock market index can try to track the performance of an industry as a whole.

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