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Starbucks Offers New Food Options quoting : “Forbes”

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Starbucks Announces Plans For New Mediterrean Lunch Menu

The new lunch menu, dubbed Mercato (the Italian word for market), will launch in 100 Starbucks stores in downtown Chicago.
Ronald HoldenStarbucks announced at its annual meeting today that it will test a new lunchtime menu of Mediterranean-inspired grab-n-go salads and sandwiches in Chicago next month.
At the heart of the Mercato concept are full-meal salads like za’atar chicken, seared steak and mango, and turkey with roasted corn.
The food will be prepared fresh daily at a central commissary in Chicago; any food left over at the end of the day will be donated to food bank programs.
In the meantime, it will cut back its evening wine and beer programs in all but the high-end Roasteries.

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