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Sputnik News said : French Ambassador to Japan Says Will Refuse to Serve Under Marine Le Pen

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© REUTERS/ Eric Gaillard Fillon Widens Possible Gap With Le Pen in Run-Off Election to 16% Amid Penelopegate Scandal–MOSCOW (Sputnik)Thierry Dana, the French ambassador to Japan, said he would not serve French diplomacy if Marine Le Pen, the far-right National Front (FN) leader, won presidential elections.
“And yet, Madame Le Pen, I would choose to quit this job if I had to represent or defend your convictions,” Dana wrote.
“If the elements of the French tragedy unfolding at the moment lead to [Le Pen] being elected, I would step down from any diplomacy-related occupation… I could not loyally defend [Le Pen’s] convictions,” Dana wrote on Tuesday in an op-ed for Le Monde newspaper.
Dana explained that he loved being a diplomat and considered defending French interests abroad an extremely important task.
According to polls, Le Pen is one of the front-runners in the upcoming presidential election, regularly projected to win the first round, but shown on a less sure footing in the second one where she might face either independent Emmanuel Macron or The Republicans’ nominee Francois Fillon.

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French envoy to Japan says he would not serve under Le Pen

French envoy to Japan says he would not serve under Le Pen*/

REUTERS/Charles PlatiauBy Adrian Croft and Marine PennetierPARIS (Reuters) – France’s ambassador to Japan has pledged not to serve under far-right leader Marine Le Pen if she becomes president, saying her policies are at odds with French principles.
Marine Le Pen, French National Front (FN) political party leader and candidate for French 2017 presidential election, delivers a speech in front of small business leaders in Puteaux, France, March 6, 2017.
Most polls show Le Pen winning the first round but losing heavily in the second, whether she is pitted against independent centrist Emmanuel Macron or conservative Francois Fillon.
Thierry Dana, writing in Le Monde newspaper, became the first high-ranking French diplomat to state publicly that he would step down rather than work for Le Pen if she were to win presidential elections held over two rounds in April and May.
However, Fillon’s legal woes over allegations of misuse of public money have increased investors’ concerns that Le Pen could win and take France out of the euro and the EU.

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Marine Le Pen could win the French election, markets shouldn't be complacent: expect the unexpected*/

: The prospects of a President Le PenRiding on the wave of anti-EU, protectionist sentiment, the possibility of Le Pen making it to the Élysée has started to put markets on edge.
Such is the case with the upcoming elections in France: investors should have hawk eyes focused eyes on The Republic.
But ultimately, we do not believe it will come to this – the nature of France’s electoral system makes a Le Pen victory unlikely.
Despite strong far-right support across the country, Le Pen remains at the mercy of a presidential run-off that she has very little chance of winning.
We believe the Swiss franc is an interesting way to hedge European political risk.

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