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rise oil prices likely to be temporary, El-Erian cautions

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Together, OPEC & non-OPEC countries established a floor from which oil prices could bounce.
With the pickup in universal development & the emergence of geopolitical uncertainties (which could constrain product in some oil-producing countries), oil prices have rebounded to above $60 per barrel.
In fact, the downside dangers for oil prices have shifted from the request side to the supply side.
When it comes to the factors over which oil producers have less control, the outlook Information Systems less hopeful.
And the reality Information Systems which there Information Systems tiny the traditional oil producers could do to counter shale producers’ likely response to higher prices.

US oil prices highest $65 a bbl for the 1st time ever Dec. 2014

U.S. crude prices topped $65 a bbl for the 1st time in further than 3 years on Wednesday after Gov information showed the 10th straight every week down in unite states stockpiles of crude oil.
The settlement marked the top closing standard ever Dec. 5, 2014.International benchmark Brent crude rose 59 cents, or 0.8 percent, to $70.55 with 2:28 p.m.
Oil prices turned higher after the unite states Energy Information Organization announced which unite states commercial crude stockpiles fell with 1.1 mn barrels in the 7 days out of Jan. 19.
That put total inventories at 411.6 mn barrels, the lowest ever February 2015, according to Reuters.
Oil prices are this day approaching standards not seen ever Thanksgiving 2014, the time OPEC refused to cut oil production, sparking a sharp downturn.

oil price
oil price


Cramer: by speculators the generality bullish in history, charts display oil prices can recently peak

referring to Rising oil prices have breathed fresh life into the oil patch, however the sudden enthusiasm has made CNBC’s Jim Cramer wonder if it could all be chalked up to irrational exuberance.
“Garner’s worried which the same animal spirits luring speculators into high-flying stocks & even cryptocurrencies probably have migrated to the oil market,” Cramer said.
“As of final week, big speculators were holding the single largest bullish position in the history of crude oil futures: … 666,000 internet long contracts,” Cramer said.
If everyone moves at once, Garner predicted it could push crude prices back drop to $50 a barrel.
Because crude Information Systems denominated in dollars, the 2 are correlated: as the $ weakens, oil prices soar.


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