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“Pan Am Post” said : 14 OAS Nations Sign Letter Demanding Venezuela Hold Elections, Release Political Prisoners

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Español Fourteen countries in the Organization of American States called on the Venezuelan government to hold elections this year and to release political prisoners.
Almagro issued a 75-page report last week in which he proposed to suspend Venezuela from the organization should no elections be held within 30 days.
Instead, the signing countries said that dialogue and negotiation are the ideal way to reach a sustainable solution.
The 14 member nations confirmed they will evaluate OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro’s report “with the intention of agreeing on the pertinent course of action,” though they warned that the suspension of a member country would be a last resort.
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the United States and Uruguay all signed the document, which expressed their “deep concern” for the country’s political, economic and social crisis.

Venezuela Diplomat Interrupts, Condemns OAS Secretary’s Moves

Venezuela Diplomat Interrupts, Condemns OAS Secretary's Moves

Tintori also called for the application of the OAS Democratic Chart against Venezuela at the press conference.
RELATED:Here’s Why Cuba Denied Entry to OAS Head Luis AlmagroCarmen Luisa Velasquez, Venezuela’s OAS representative, condemned Almagro’s move and announced that it will ask the Permanent Council and the 33 state members to rule on his “disgraceful” behavior.
The Organization of the American States explicitly prohibits hosting anything that could have a political goal in its facilities, according to its internal rules.
Since taking charge of the OAS in 2015, the Uruguayan politician has used the organization to support the anti-government campaigns of Henrique Capriles and Leopoldo Lopez.
This is how it went in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina,” referring to Almagro’s ultimatum that Venezuela should hold snap elections or face suspension from the group.

as informed in Some regional governments have also adopted a tougher stance, with the Mercosur trade bloc led by Brazil and Argentina voting in December to suspend Venezuela.
This is the second time that Almagro has asked the OAS’s 34 member states to intervene in the Venezuela crisis.
“The repeated attempts at dialogue have failed and the citizens of Venezuela have lost even more faith in their government and the democratic process,” Almagro wrote.
Since then, however, a centre-right government has won elections in Haiti, and an anti-Maduro businessman is ahead in polls to become Ecuador’s president in the April election.
There was no immediate comment from Maduro’s government, but in the past it has accused Almagro of doing the bidding of the US government and trying to isolate Venezuela.

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