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Overnight Energy: Trump administration ponders deeper EPA cuts quoting : “thecarconnection”

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ENERGY GROUPS URGE TRANSMISSION INFRASTRUCTURE OVERHAUL: Renewable energy groups and manufacturers are urging Congress to support electric transmission upgrades as part of any infrastructure improvement package considered this Congress.
BIG CUTS COMING FOR EPA: The Trump administration is aiming to expand its budget cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency, according to reports Tuesday.
POWER PLANTS’ METHANE RELEASES UNDERESTIMATED: A study published Tuesday says that the methane emissions from natural gas-powered fire plants are much higher than previously estimated.
A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee will hold a hearing on hydropower infrastructure.
Members have raised concerns about cutting much further, and Trump is proposing deeply slashing department programs popular with many members.

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Trump goes to Detroit, probably to announce review of EPA emissions regulations

By re-opening the mid-term review, Trump won’t be overturning the EPA’s decision–at least not directly.
However, we do know this:Both Trump and Pruitt have doubts about climate change, a major consideration in new emissions regulations.
In 2016, the EPA began a mid-term review of those guidelines to see whether automakers were on-schedule to meet them.
No fewer than 18 car companies petitioned Trump to order his administration to re-open the mid-term review.
In fact, current regulations will remain in place until Pruitt and his team have a chance to, well, review the review.

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