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NDP promises to cut school fees in Alberta throne speech .

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This is the third throne speech from Notley’s NDP government, which reaches the midpoint of its mandate in May.
EDMONTON — The Alberta government says its first job of the spring sitting of the legislature will be to cut school fees.
The throne speech outlined the goals and priorities of Premier Rachel Notley’s government as it begins a new legislature session that is to run until June 1.
The government revealed proposed legislation in its throne speech Thursday which would ban charging parents for essentials such as textbooks or bus transportation for children who live within their designated school area.
“This session your government will take a major step forward to make life more affordable for parents and families,” Lt.-Gov.

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Using stronger language than before, it vowed to defend the Trans Mountain pipeline to B.C.
The Alberta government promised the world in its throne speech Thursday, but the opposition wants to know who’s going to pay for it.
in the federal court and do all it can to get a thumbs up for the Energy East project to New Brunswick.
Keep calm and carry onThe throne speech, delivered by Lt.-Gov.
“The government thinks they can bribe Albertans with their own money,” he said.

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