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“Mirror Online” declare : Philip Hammond’s Budget 2017 Speech

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Budget 2017 summary: All Philip Hammond’s key announcements at a glanceUnemployment has fallen fastest in Yorkshire and the Humber, and Wales.
Then £58.3 billion in 2017-18; £40.8 billion in 2018-19; then £21.4 billion; £20.6 billion; and finally £16.8 billion in 2021-22.
Budget 2017 LIVE: Philip Hammond announces social care boost and tax risesSo our job is not done.
How the 2017 Budget speech will affect you – the key points that will make you richer or poorerMr Deputy Speaker,As the House knows, this will be the last Spring Budget.
And next month we take more steps to support working families with the cost of living:The national living wage will rise again to £7.50 in April.

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“We are not starting from scratch; we have protected the core schools budget, which stands at over £40billion this year.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer plans to announce a £320m cash boost, with the aim of funding 140 new free schools.
Phillip Hammond is expected to provide a windfall of cash for new schools when he unveils the Budget on Wednesday, with an emphasis on the creation of grammar schools.
Mrs May has made grammar schools a priority of her administration.
This is on top of the 500 free schools already promised by 2020.

Philip Hammond's Budget to give huge cash boost to new grammar schools*/

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Budget 2017: Philip Hammond’s tax raid on the gig economy labelled ‘potentially devastating’

Budget 2017: Philip Hammond's tax raid on the gig economy labelled 'potentially devastating'*/

Chancellor Philip Hammond sets out budget for 2017Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Hammond attempted to frame the NICs rise as one needed for the sake of fairness.
While Mr Hammond stuck to plans to freeze fuel duty, there were hints in the small print of the Budget book of a potential tax rise to come for diesel car drivers.
Mr Hammond also announced a tax-grab on business owners with a large reduction in the total amount of dividends, from £5,000 to £2,000, that they can receive from their firms before tax.
Theresa May faces a major Budget backlash after ripping-up an election manifesto pledge to freeze National Insurance and instead hitting 2.5million self-employed people with an unexpected tax hike.
Nonetheless the party’s manifesto stated four times that the Tories would not increase NICs once in power again, in a move that may have helped convince millions to vote for the party.

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