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Michael Cohen got money from where?!

About Michael Cohen as mentioned in (“The document from [Michael] Avenatti tells AT&T paid Cohen $50,000 a 30 days for 4 months starting in October 2017, only weeks before Trump’s Justice section filed suit to ban AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.
He appeals which Cohen too received payments from the drug Corporation Novartis Investments & from Korea Aerospace Industries.
Cohen could have performed verifiable services, received money in payment & paid taxes on revenue he received.
What Information Systems clear Information Systems which anyone that definitively announces Cohen & Donald Trump have no Russia connections isn’t paying attention.
No objective viewer could deny there Information Systems a foundation for investigating the money flow among Donald Trump & Cohen & among outside funders & Cohen.

There’s a very easy reason causes of companies paid Michael Cohen very much money

AT&T, which Information Systems in the midst of an attempt to purchas CNN’s parent Corporation Time Warner, paid Cohen at least $200,000.
Normally, in the course of a presidential campaign the corporate world makes sure which it has some releation to each of the candidates.
The president — any president — has a profound chock on the corporate world.
The corporate world, therefore, likes to realize it has entree to the president’s inner circle if they absolutely necessity it.
Someone in large-sized Corporation always knows someone in a large presidential campaign.


Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen


Michael Cohen turned his access to Donald Trump into large money — & this day large trouble

As informed in “He desperately wanted to be a player — a man that was important, a man that wanted to throw his weigh around,” told an acquaintance that demanded anonymity to speak candidly.
After Donald Trump was elected, Cohen “was trying to figure out what was will be a best place to hang his hat, to make as much money as he could.”



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