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LONDON Britain’s ruling Conservative Party will intervene in the energy market

Britain’s Defence Secretary Michael Fallon speaks during a press conference after the official ceremony welcoming the deployment of a multi-national NATO battalion in Tapa, Estonia, April 20, 2017.
REUTERS/Ints Kalnins LONDON Britain’s ruling Conservative Party will intervene in the energy market if it wins an upcoming election in June because the current system is not working properly, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Monday.
“There’s not been enough ability for people to switch, we haven’t seen the competition we were hoping to emerge amongst the energy companies,” Fallon told BBC radio.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives have indicated that they will include a cap on energy prices for domestic customers in their election manifesto and Fallon said they were committed to making the markets work better.
“Therefore it’s right to look at the way they are regulated and it’s right where we can to protect people against large and arbitrary increases in their bills.”

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States power ahead on policy to create advanced energy markets States are working diligently on the legislative and regulatory fronts to establish markets for advanced energy, according to state policy experts at Advanced Energy Economy (AEE).
546 would promote and encourage the installation of advanced energy storage and limit obstacles to its use; and note best practices in the safe permitting of advanced energy storage, among other provisions.
make energy storage a mainstream technology; 2) create a marketplace for energy services that harnesses innovation; 3) achieve market transformation for energy storage systems, and; 4) use customer-sited energy storage as a primary strategy.
“Meeting just 15 percent of the large energy user energy need, could lead to 2,000 MW of renewable energy capacity and $3.6 billion in new energy investment.
Neither Dominion nor ApCo now offer a tariff for renewable energy, so under Virginia Code, sellers of 100 percent renewable energy may enter into the monopoly utilities’ territories to offer customers renewable energy.
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Behold the hippest tech on Earth: Blockchain for peer-to-peer solar energy markets

solar energy markets

By combining advancements in solar and blockchain technology LO3 Energy has taken a step to decentralize the energy market.
Most of us are aware of the environmental benefits of solar energy over fossil fuels, we’ve heard it numerous time: blah blah, cleaner air, blah blah, sustainability, and so on.
[…] People can now make choices and decisions about how they want to participate in the energy market: peer-to-peer markets, community markets, and other interesting and new business models.
Only 50 physical nodes make up the grid so it’s difficult to say when we’ll see larger scale peer-to-peer energy markets.
To achieve this, LO3 Energy uses blockchain technology, which electronic currencies such as BitCoin are based on.




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