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Julie Bishop, Rex Tillerson renew warnings on Islamic State quoting : “afr”

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as mentioned in Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to skip a semiannual meeting of NATO foreign ministers this spring and will instead travel to a Group of 7 meeting of top diplomats in Italy and then to Russia.
The State Department’s third-ranking official, Undersecretary of State Tom Shannon, will represent the U.S. at that meeting, the officials said.
The officials said Tillerson would attend the G7 meeting in Sicily in May and then travel to Moscow.
U.S. officials said Monday that Tillerson will meet NATO diplomats this week in Washington for a conference on defeating Islamic State, suggesting there was no need for him to attend the meeting of the alliance in Brussels.

Julie Bishop, Rex Tillerson renew warnings on Islamic State

Ms Bishop said no Australians were involved in the incident, which left five fatalities, including the assailant and a policeman.
Ms Bishop said no “specific” requests had been made of Australia to contribute more to the campaign, but the government would consider extra assistance if asked.
wage war in Daesh’s name wherever you live’,” Mr Tillerson said.
Mr Tillerson also raised the prospect of setting up “interim zones of stability” to help refugees in Syria return home in the next phase of the fight against Islamic State and al Qaeda.
Talking beside Mr Tillerson, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who met Mr Trump at the White House on Monday, said “we are trying to liberate Mosul” and provide essential services to the country’s citizens.

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