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IEDC, discuss federal economic growth policies in Washington

wage increases remained modest, although businesses were being forced to offer bigger increases to workers with skills that are in short supply.
In its latest survey of economic conditions nationwide, the central bank found that it’s 12 regional banks all depicted growth as either “modest or moderate” from mid-March through early April.
The Fed’s survey, known as the Beige Book, will be used when Fed officials next meet on May 2-3.
Even with wages rising at a faster pace, the report said that overall inflation remained modest.
While the manufacturing sector continued to expand at a modest pace, the growth in freight shipments had slowed.

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Don Cunningham: Federal economic growth policy is a Rubik’s Cube

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Once a year the International Economic Development Council, IEDC, gathers states and large regional economic development organizations to review and discuss federal economic growth policies in Washington.
Don Cunningham is the president and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation.
This agenda has widespread support in economic development circles as a growth and job creation strategy.
If the goal is to spread economic growth into the hard-to-do areas, America will need to invest in those areas to make that happen.
“I want to give all of you the assurance that SBA wants to be your partner to help with the economic growth that you are part of,” she said.

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IMF says pace of global economic growth is picking up

global economic growth

For sub-Saharan Africa, economic growth is likely to only moderately exceed population growth.
Writing in the IMF’s new World Economic Outlook, Maurice Obstfeldt said “we could be at a turning point”.
China first quarter growth hits 6.9%Eurozone growth ‘nears six-year high’Inevitably, the IMF identifies possible risks that could weaken its main forecasts.
The prediction for Britain this year is now only marginally below what the IMF predicted a year ago, its last full forecast before the Brexit referendum.
The report forecasts global growth this year of 3.5%, up from 3.1% predicted in 2016.


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