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“idsnews” declare : YouTube censors LGBT videos

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As it stated in YouTube claims that the systems do the flagging, but it is curious so many LGBT videos were flagged to begin with.
While YouTube is working on training the systems to not automatically flag videos, the videos flagged as restricted are not able to make any money off of ads.
To those of us who are viewers, this is not a big deal because we are not the ones who make a living off of making YouTube videos.
This is one of the big reasons why YouTube is reconsidering the filter for restricted videos.
I really hope YouTube keeps its promise and regulates the restricted mode better for those who have no choice but to view in restricted mode.

according to But as long as the filters continue to block LGBT content even while leaving up questionable content from straight creators, YouTubers predict Restricted Mode will plague YouTube.
But the fact is, this is very clearly affecting LGBT creators and content when it shouldn’t be, and it’s disproportionate.
On Saturday, YouTuber Calum McSwiggan posted on Twitter that he suspected YouTube was filtering out LGBT content, based on impacts to his own channel.
In the meantime, LGBT creators remain perplexed how the flagged content could get in the crosshairs of parental controls in the first place.
Rhiyad Khalaf reached past the YouTube platform, cross-posting a short video on Instagram decrying the fact half his YouTube videos were blocked in Restricted Mode.

No One Can Explain Why YouTube Bans Some LGBT Content

YouTube is ‘looking into’ complaints that it unfairly censors LGBT videos

Those filtered videos, along with many, many others discovered by LGBT YouTubers over the past several days, led many to accuse the platform of censoring its LGBT creators.
Seeing a bit of a theme here… LGBT+ content not safe for kids @YouTube?
With the restricted filter on, I couldn’t view a video on her channel that announces the dates for her latest tour.
In the fall, YouTube started to alert creators when their videos were demonetized for potentially drawing complaints from advertisers, instead of burying those notifications deep in an analytics dashboard.
And so far, the YouTube community at large is not satisfied with YouTube’s responses to their concerns.

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